The Global Tracheostomy Collaborative is a worldwide group of healthcare providers and patients working to improve the outcomes of patients with a tracheostomy.  We collect and learn from data, drive best practice sharing and help institutions implement change management tactics to improve trach care. Since the GTC launched member hospitals have seen the following results for trach patients:

  • 20% reduction in hospital length of stay
  • 11% reduction in intensive care length of stay
  • 32% reduction in major adverse events

The on-site training, year-round webinars and annual international symposium allow practitioners from all specialties and across the globe share innovations and best practices.

Participating hospitals benefit from access to powerful tools and a proven process to assess and improve their tracheotomy care; by sharing what they have learned with other participants; and by building on the lessons learned. They also have a significant opportunity to reduce costs and improve profit margins by reducing trach related complications.

A hospital should have a resource available to perform the data entry and have the economic resources available to afford the contract.  Both are small commitments given the size of an average hospital budget.

Enter data into a secure, worldwide, HIPAA-compliant database.  Track your outcomes and document improvement.  Compare your outcomes to the pooled outcomes of other participating hospitals.  The minimum data set for each patient can be entered in 15 minutes or less.

As part of the onboarding process both the GTC and the hospital will sign a data usage agreement ensuring your hospital is aware of how the data will be used.  You will only have access to your own hospital’s data and the aggregate report data. The highest protocols available for cybersecurity are used. Data is entered into a secure, worldwide, HIPAA-compliant data base. Outcomes are tracked to document improvements. Compare your results to the pooled outcomes of other participating hospitals.

Please send an email to [email protected]. To enroll or ask any questions.