Dysphagia in Critical Care with Sarah Wallace

In this podcast episode, Sarah Wallace explains the multfactorial aspect of dysphagia in the ICU setting, the importance of restoring airflow through the upper airway, and the role of dysphagia clinicians in weaning patients from the ventilator. 


The International Network of Spinal Cord Injury Nurses

Click to visit: The idea of shared learning is an important principle of the GTC and as well as learning from each other we can learn from other collaborations with similar aims and goals. The International Network of Spinal Cord Injury Nurses is a fine example. Their website includes a number of free resources and e-Learning. Spinal cord injury often necessitates tracheostomy and the holistic care of these patients may be an important part of your practice. Take a look >> 


Aaron’s Tracheostomy Page

Click to visit: A family-friendly site, maintained by Cynthia Bissell, RN, for her son Aaron, with tracheostomy care information, networking with communities, and resources readily available for patients and families.


The UK National Tracheostomy Safety Project

Click to visit: A great resource for medical professionals as well as patients, with links and partnerships with many well-established organizations.

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Tracheostomy Review and Management Services (TRAMS)

Click to visit: Developed by Austin Health in 2002, TRAMS is a consultative service providing helpful information about tracheostomy and is consisted of doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists and speech pathologists.


Tracheostomies: The Complete Guide

Click to visit: A book with an excellent overview of care for tracheostomy patients. It is a great resource for all health-care professionals.


Clinical Consensus Statement

Click to visit: By the American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery