Date: 26 February 2020

Time: 4.00p ET / 9.00p London / 27 February, 8.00a Melbourne

Caring for mechanically ventilated patients with a tracheostomy tube can be intimidating. Appropriate care is essential to ensure patient safety. Moreover, evidence suggests that tracheostomy tube improves patients’ quality of life by helping them to speak and swallow compared to patients with endotracheal tube. Speech and swallowing might be challenging when these patients are on a ventilator but there are ways to circumvent these issues. Join us to learn about how to care for patients with a tracheostomy tube on the ventilator, assist them speak and swallow while on a ventilator, and help patients achieve one-step closer to home.

Moderator: Vinciya Pandian

Diane Randall RRT-NPS, Joe DeMaggio Children’s Hospital, Hollywood, Florida
Cecilia Lang MSN, CCRN, PPCNP, Children’s Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Therese Cole, SLP-CCC, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland
Lisa Molkentine RRT, Children’s Wisconsin, Milwaukee

1. Describe the care of a mechanically ventilated patient who has newly received a tracheostomy
2. Discuss ways to facilitate speech and swallowing among mechanically ventilated patients with a tracheostomy
3. Describe the preparation of patients with a tracheostomy for discharge

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